No matter your life stage, you're making decisions that affect your future.  A one-time or occasional consultation with a trusted advisor can accelerate your progress towards your life goals.

Our Accelerator offering reinforces your financial foundation as needed and focuses on achieving the goals you have for you and your family

Typical topics covered:

  • Mapping out your near-term and long-term goals and clarifying where you stand today

  • Developing a sustainable cash flow and debt freedom plan

  • Protecting your family and finances through core insurance and risk planning

  • Workplace benefit selection

  • Retirement fund saving and investment selection

  • College fund saving and investment selection

  • Career transition

Typical engagement length/cost: Typically $950-$3,990 depending on scope of your needs & questions. No long-term commitment.

Accelerator is a great option for those seeking occasional advice at any life stage. Here's what to expect:



Contact Charlie at ( or send a quick message here )—to set up a brief introductory phone call followed by a "Get Acquainted" meeting.

The purpose of this "Get Acquainted" meeting is to (1) discuss the specifics surrounding your current questions, challenges and goals, and (2) for Charlie to share with you how he can help and next steps.


Set Goals

After the “Get Acquainted” meeting, if it feels like there is a good mutual fit, Charlie will send you a proposal outlining the scope of work and fee for service. Should you decide to move forward, you and Charlie will then set your "Goal Discovery" meeting.


Develop Your Financial Plan

After the Goal Discovery meeting:

  • Charlie will develop an initial financial plan based on your information and conversations

  • You will meet for a working session to review the initial plan and to make adjustments

  • Charlie will finalize your plan and deliver to you

Timeline from Goal Alignment meeting to plan delivery:  typically 6-10 weeks

  • You will receive a follow up communication within a month of plan delivery to ensure you have what you need to successfully implement your plan